Hi there! My name's Michelle Corlett and I'm from a beautiful part of Australia, south of Sydney. I have a wonderful husband, and 2 great kids, a 4 year old boy and 1 year old daughter. I am mostly a SAHM, but I am also a tennis coach. I began my cardmaking and papercraft journey in 2008 when it rained for a week and I wasn't working, and decided to make some cards for my family's upcoming birthdays. I bought some magazines and discovered Stampin Up. I went to a few classes and I was hooked. Although I'm no longer involved with Stampin up, I still buy a lot of their products, but there was too much in the stamping world out there for me to try! After a few years of buying endless amounts of supplies, I've finally found "my style," and a few stamping and paper companies I absolutely adore. I'm a regular contributor to Australian Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft magazine, and sell some cards in newsagents and boutique gift stores. It has turned out to be a wonderful hobby for me and I started my blog to share with you my designs! Thanks for visiting :)